About Video in the Community

Founded in 2003 at California State University San Marcos, Video in the Community's mission is to empower students, members of the university and the community to take action through the production, study and use of socially responsible, culturally sensitive media that address the diversity of the region and the nation. VIC's media productions give communities and individuals tools for positive change, provide pathways to self-sufficiency, and facilitate greater understanding of the challenges that diverse populations and individuals face.

Kristine Diekman, VIC's Director, is an award winning producer and director, with over 25 years of video production experience. Her two most recent gang prevention videos were produced in collaboration with community partners, and are used by educators, social service providers, law enforcement, activists, faith-based groups, families and others.


  • "The videos VIC makes are tools that advance our community's self-sufficiency," said Diekman. "They are a call to action, and a means to create real social change. Video in the Community is about listening to and supporting unheard voices, providing a place from which they can speak and be heard."
    - Kristine Diekman, VIC Director

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